About Me

A headshot of Cathy. She stands smiling in front of a background of foliage wearing a royal blue sweater.

Personal Life

I have lived in the Seattle/Snohomish area for most of my life, with early childhood and elementary school years spent on the East Coast. Like many Pacific Northwesterners, I love the scenery of our beautiful area and I enjoy getting out into nature for hikes and kayaking. Much of my free time is spent with friends and family, cooking, reading, singing, or learning. I am a homebody who is happiest with a pet and a strong cup of coffee nearby or deep in conversation with another person. I live outside of Everett with my husband, our two dogs, and our cat.

Education & Experience

I went to college at the University of Washington where I earned a bachelor of arts in psychology in 2014. Throughout college and afterwards, I spent time in property management and then life/long-term care insurance, but felt unfulfilled by these careers. Wanting to dive deeper into the world of psychology and helping people in a more direct way, I went back to school in 2016 to attain my master's in clinical mental health counseling from Seattle University, which I earned in 2019.

I spent almost three years in outpatient community mental health on the Eastside working with adults experiencing problems related to trauma, homelessness, addiction, mood, impulsivity, violence, faith, relationships, work, sex, money, and more. I left community mental health to join private practice and have been with Spectrum Psychological Associates since September 2021.